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121 Grinds is an online matching platform that connects Leaving Certificate and Junior Certificate students with tutors.

We are a self-service platform that was created to simplify finding, booking and paying local independent tutors.

Our mission is to create a streamlined online experience that takes the hassle out of giving and getting grinds.

  • Search

    Initiate a search by selecting from the drop down boxes above.

  • Match

    Search results will show tutors who match your criteria.

  • Request

    Click Request Tutor to begin the booking process.

  • Pay

    Once your tutor accepts, make secure payment to confirm booking.

  • Rate Tutor

    After the grind has been completed, rate and review your tutor.

  • Create Profile

    Tutors create and manage their own profiles and set their own rates.

  • Get Found

    Once tutor profile is complete, tutors are visible in search results.

  • Give Grind

    We recommend that tutors travel to deliver tuition in either a student home or public location.

  • Get Paid

    Tutors are paid weekly for all completed grinds for that period (less our 20% Booking Fee).

  • Get Rated

    Students will be asked to rate and review tutor following each completed grind.